Man Singing under No Man’s Land, 2021
Pet drinking fountain, water, iodine solution, banknote, pumping system, plastic tubing, linen, microphone, speaker, gravel, plants (pennisetum), sound, dimensions variable.

Sound design: Andy Chiu
Technical support: Wu Gwo-Woei
Photography by Anpis

[The World Began without the Human Race and It Will End without It]
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA)
Curated by Junya Yamamine

Luo’s oeuvre tends to create specific speaking or reading contexts. By virtue of fluid circulating
systems, chemical reactions, and res naturales (predisposed to rotting or decay), the artist gives his works an ever-changing, protean quality. Recently, he has tried to achieve further integration among text, sound, language, as well as kinetic and spatial installations, insofar as to offer the viewers a flowing, dynamic, and more personal viewing experience—he believes that a song, a painting, or an article has to be personal enough before it becomes universal.

The work Man Singing under No Man’s Land portrays an apocalyptic scene in which no other thing than sound and singing voice come from the channel leading to deep underground. The whisper is so enigmatic that we cannot tell whether it is from a survivor, a ghost, or someone in self-isolation.

Man Singing under No Man’s Land is a new piece of work created specifically for this exhibition.



聲音設計:Andy Chiu



Man Singing under No Man’s Land 這件作品描繪了一個末世氛圍的場景,不見人影只聞其聲響與歌聲,從連接地底的管道中傳出,低語呢喃,難以辨認是倖存者、亡靈或是正在自主隔離。