Like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you, 2020
Woodwork, flooring, water, malt, hop, rice, yeast, sink, text mat, faucet, barrel, pump, pipe, fruit, iodine solution, fluorescent light, mirror, UV print, metal frame, shower curtain, custom-made sandbag, plastic chair, snail shell, glass container, filter paper, funnel, mortar, acrylic binder, canvas, epoxy resin, Viagra, dimensions variable

2020 Taiwan Biennial: Subzoology
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA)
Curated by Yao Jui-Chung

Like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you is presented as an installation, sculpture, and site-specific conceptual work. The work is an extension of the exploration of spatial perception and mental state from Like a Urinal in a Nightclub (MOCA Taipei, 2018) and Snails (not Included) (Michael Ku Gallery, Taipei, 2019). The flowing liquid in the toilet, sticky floor, and snails are metaphors, visualizing all transformations and changes, including specific chemical changes or the qualitative transformation of meaning and concept (that are relatively abstract). With the substance and where its transformation takes place as preface, the artist explores and asks: What transforms materials into works of art? How do objects and materials evolve and carry meaning? How do objects pass through us and become part of us? And by meeting and exchanging, could it be that the boundary between humans or objects has become blurry?

Just as hyphae build networks for entire forests, it may be that the bacteria in human stomachs are participating in the thinking process of the brain.


木作、塑膠地板、水、麥芽、啤酒花、米、酵母、文字地墊、水槽、龍頭、儲水桶、馬達、水管、水果、碘溶液、日光燈、鏡子、UV 印刷、金屬框、浴簾、訂製沙袋、塑膠椅、蝸牛殼、玻璃容器、濾紙、漏斗、研缽、壓克力媒劑、畫布、環氧樹脂、威爾鋼,尺寸視場地而定

2020 臺灣美術雙年展:禽獸不如


當菌絲為整座森林建立起聯繫網絡,人類肚子裡的細菌說不準也正幫著大腦思考。 下午9 09 01.jpg 上午2 52 34.jpg 下午5 49 29.jpg 下午5 50 26.jpg 上午2 52 35 (1).jpg