Like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you, 2021
Stainless steel, UV print, LED lighting, resin, sink, faucet, barrel, pumping system, pipe, fruit, iodine solution, wooden structure, custom-made sandbag, vinyl flooring, wheat paste solution

The Stomach and the Port - Liverpool Biennial 2021
Curated by Manuela Moscoso

Luo Jr-shin presented site-specific installation Like a filter, matters passed through you and became a part of you (2021) at The Lewis’s Building. As a continuation of his previous project Like a Urinal in a Nightclub, From Some Golden Liquid Turning into Another (2018), Luo’s set is a nightclub toilet – which is treated as a metaphorical facilitator for material transformation. Like a closed circuit, the installation shifts between a toilet and a nightclub, highlighting the cyclical drinking-urinating behaviour of the human body. Surrogate fluid made from ingredients found in beer coats the floor in the space – a familiar sensation underfoot for clubgoers, which transports the visitor to a certain mood, place or time. Luo’s work also highlights the fluidity of a nightclub toilet in terms of its ambiguity of public and private space, and the exchanging of substance and information – as well as its rigidness in reinforcing binary gender norms.

Photography: Rob Battersby
Supported by Ministry of Culture Taiwan (Republic of China)


《像是顆濾心,物質穿越過你便成為你的一部份》, 2021

胃與港 - 利物浦雙年展 2021
Manuela Moscoso 策展

羅智信在路易士大樓裡展出了限地裝置《像是顆濾心,物質穿越過你便成為你的一部份》(2021)。 作為他之前項目的延續《像是一個夜店的小便斗》、《從一種金黃色液體變成另外一種金黃色液體》(2018),羅的場景設在一個夜店廁所裡──它被視為物質轉化的隱喻促進器。 像是一個封閉的迴路,裝置在廁所和夜總會之間飄移,突顯出了人們中飲用與排出的循環行為。由啤酒中的成分所製成的替代液體覆蓋在空間的地板上──這是舞廳常客腳下的熟悉感覺,將觀眾帶到特定的情緒、地點或時間。羅的作品還突出了夜總會廁所在公共和私人空間的模糊性、物質和信息的交換方面的流動性──以及它在強化二元性別規範方面的僵固。

攝影:Rob Battersby