In this solo exhibition, Luo Jr-Shin constructed an immersive space installation in the museum. With low-frequency sounds, fluorescent lights, discarded objects, and constantly flowing water tanks, the artist has embedded a "broken nightclub" in the gallery space. Here, the creator projected his subjectivity to establish a fictional, non-existent nightclub where people and matters, information and cognition meet. Through the replacement and inconsistent arrangement of objects, the artist blurred the meaning behind the objects, making the composition of the space a little ambivalent. Through the movement of the body, the shift of the line of sight, and the moment when the fluidity of the viewing process intersects with the entire exhibition space, the viewer can transform the internal muttering of the work into the viewer's own perception and significance. As the artist stated in the introduction of the exhibition-"Messages on the wall of a toilet in a nightclub in Taipei", the disordered space has become a huge medium filled with messages. The process of the viewer's interpretation of the work when viewing is at the core of this creativity.

Forward | Jun-Jieh Wang (Director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum)

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序|王俊傑(臺北市立美術館 館長)

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