Book Size: 20.5 x 22 cm
Pages: 48
Printing: offset CMYK, bound with two sets of binder posts
Language: English / Chinese
ISBN: 978-986-93595-3-5
Publication Date: Oct 2018
Limited Edition: 500
Publisher: dmp editions

Instead of making an artwork catalog‭, ‬Catalog is edited in a way of commercial catalogs for hardware and chemicals‭, ‬which are the essential materials the artist Lui Jr-Shin uses in most of his works‭. ‬Luo Jr-Shin (b.1984-) born in Miaoli, now lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. He often engages common objects in daily life. Through the richness of these objects, it then reproduces another kind of reality. From this alternative reality, the viewers are able to notice the trace of the daily life and the slight displacement from the origin, then to provoke with a sense of humor.

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尺寸: 20.5 x 22 cm
頁數: 48
印刷: 平版四色,不鏽鋼扣件
語言: 英文 / 中文
ISBN: 978-986-93595-3-5
出版日期: 2018.8
限量版數: 500
出版:dmp editions